Teeth Whitening

When we love the appearance of our smile, we are more likely to be confident enough to smile more often. At Mayfair Family Dentistry we want each of our patients to feel confident with their smile and show it to the world. We understand that sometimes our teeth aren’t always the shade or the whiteness that we would like them to be, that’s why we offer professional teeth whitening for all our patients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Many patients who suffer from stained teeth or teeth that have naturally discolored over time find themselves craving a new look and ask us about our teeth whitening. Although we can and will explain our whitening options at your next visit, we would like to provide you with the information right here. Continue reading to learn more, or give us a call immediately to hear about our whitening special for only $250!

Professional Whitening Treatment 


The whitening treatment we offer stands out from another whitening that you may have experienced through store-bought products. With professional whitening, we can guarantee each patient that by the end of the treatment, their teeth will be multiple shades brighter than before. We also want to let our patients know that all of our bleaching products are completely safe. 


To help our patients with their busy schedules, we offer take-home whitening that you can do in your own home whenever you feel necessary. Through this whitening option, our patients don’t have to make additional appointments just for whitening.

Take-Home Trays 


To participate in take-home whitening, we need to make whitening trays for each patient. Making these trays is easy and is completed within 20 minutes right here in our office. To get the perfect fit for your trays, we take impressions of your teeth and turn them into molds. Soft dental plastic is then formed over the trays and trimmed down to fit your exact teeth. 


Before taking your trays home, we will also administer to you a dental bleaching tube that contains the whitening gel that makes teeth white and instructions on how to use your at-home kit. 


Professional whitening has changed the way that people view their smiles and walk about in their daily lives. Now, no matter the stains or discoloration of your teeth, through Mayfair Family Dentistry here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania anyone can have a bright white smile.