Looking for orthodontic treatments that are top-tier? Look no further than Mayfair Family Dentistry in Philadelphia! We provide the best orthodontic care in the area, and our team is passionate about giving you the best possible results. Whether you’re looking for  Invisalign or Six Month Smile, we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly. The word “orthodontics” comes from the Greek words “orthos,” meaning “straight,” and “dontos,” meaning “teeth.” Orthodontic treatment can be used to correct a wide variety of dental problems, including overcrowding, misaligned teeth, and jaw abnormalities. Treatment usually involves the use of dental appliances to gradually move the teeth into their proper position. In recent years, orthodontic treatment has become increasingly popular among both children and adults. Thanks to advances in technology, orthodontic treatments are now more comfortable and effective than ever before.

There are many benefits of orthodontic treatment, beyond just the aesthetic benefits of straight teeth. First of all, orthodontic treatment can improve your bite, which can lead to improved overall oral health. Orthodontic treatment can also help to reduce the risk of injury to the teeth, gums, and jaws. And finally, orthodontic treatment can help to improve your self-esteem and confidence. So orthodontic treatment is not just about getting braces or Invisalign; it’s about improving your overall health and well-being.

During your consultation with your dedicated Mayfair professional, we will evaluate your dental needs. A customized dental plan will be created based on your needs and our findings. If you have been considering orthodontic treatment, now is the time to take the next step. Don’t wait any longer, contact us to schedule a consultation.