Same Day Crowns 


Same day crowns are becoming increasingly popular in the dental world, especially for those with extremely busy lives. Crowns are used when fillings are not strong enough to repair a broken or damaged tooth. The whole process normally takes 2-3 visits to the dentist, however, there is a quicker option. Here at Mayfair Family Dental in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we offer same day crowns. We know our patients have busy lives, but that is no excuse for not having a smile that you are proud of! Keep reading below to see if same day crowns are the right option for you. 

same day crowns

What is the Procedure? 

Same day crowns follow a very similar procedure to regular crowns. X-rays will be taken in order to assess your teeth and then sizing will be taken for the crown. With normal crowns, an impression of your mouth will be taken. With same day crowns, a digital camera is used to take optical impressions. Using the images from the camera, the crown is actually made in the moment and placed in your mouth. No temporary crown is needed and no second visit to the dentist is necessary either. 

Benefits of Same Day Crowns 


  • Same Day Crowns will restore your teeth to full functionality immediately. This is a faster and better option for those who do not have a lot of time in their busy schedules. You can also return to eating and drinking normally quicker than a regular crown. 
  • Injury is prevented with same day crowns because temporary crowns are not used. 
  • Same day crowns save you money! With less visits to the dentist, and not having to pay for temporary crowns, you can save money. 
  • Same day crowns are made of ceramic, and so they are guaranteed to fit your mouth properly. This ensures comfort! Other crowns may not fit right, especially temporary crowns. If you can avoid them, you will be more comfortable. 

Disadvantages of Same Day Crowns


  • With the digital camera taking the impressions of your teeth, if your tooth is cracked or fractured down into your gum line, the camera will not capture it. This could lead to some issues in the future.
  • Same day crowns, made from ceramic, are normally less durable than normal crowns which are made of porcelain. 

If you are in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area and are needing a crown, don’t hesitate to come into our office! Here at Mayfair Family Dental, we want to do everything we can to help you have a smile that you are proud of. Reach out to us today with any questions you have!