Why are dental sealants important?

Why are dental sealants important?

Your child’s dental health is important. So, it is important to teach him/her healthy habits such as brushing their teeth and flossing daily. At the same time, in order to get an added protection from decaying, germs, plaque, and so on, dental sealants are applied. Get the best advice about dental sealants for your child from the professionals at The Mayfair Family Dentistry.

1. Bacteria Versus Your Child’s Teeth

Since 40% of children develop cavities at an early age, it is very important to teach them healthy oral habits and hygiene. When children consume sugary substances, snacks and other such products, the bacteria present inside their mouth excrete acid.This is extremely harmful to their dental health as it can cause serious problems such as decaying and cavities.

It is thus important for your child to inculcate healthy oral habits such as brushing twice a day, flossing, and so on. Additionally their sugar consumption also needs to be put a check on. However, even after doing all these things, the bacteria may still remain there.When they cannot be gotten rid of easily, dental sealants are used.

2. What are dental sealants?

Dental sealantsare plastic coatings which are applied on the chewing surface of the teeth of children.This is done in order to protect the teeth from harmful substances, stains and germs. Dental Sealantshave been popular among the dentists since 1960s. They are mainly applied to those teeth which are most used while chewing, such as the molars.Dental sealants fill the gaps and crevices on the teeth and act as a protective layer. Since these sealants are painless, children do not encounter any discomfort during their application.

3. When should your child get sealants?

The best time for children to get sealants is around the age of six, when their adult molar teeth start to develop. This reduces the chance of building up of the oral bacteria. However, they can be easily applied at any age.

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