Teeth Whitening: What To Know Before You Go

Teeth Whitening: What To Know Before You Go

If you have stained or yellow teeth, you no more need to compromise with your smile as teeth whitening options in PA 19136 are at your rescue. But before you go ahead with the procedure, you must have thorough information about the same.

Why teeth turn yellow?

There can be several reasons for your teeth turning yellow such as:

  • Taking powerful antibiotics
  • Falling on or hitting a tooth
  • Exposure to a lot of fluoride
  • Dental disorder called amelogenesis imperfect
  • Genetic factors which determine the colour of your teeth
  • Silver fillings

How teeth whitening works?

Teeth whitening works by changing the inside color of the teeth which is known as intrinsic whitening or by removing the stains from the outside of the teeth known as extrinsic whitening.

What is the best whitener for your teeth?

If you have stains or discoloration, you can begin using stain-removing toothpaste for few weeks. You can also choose stain removing electric toothbrush. Professional tooth cleaning can also help in removing stains. For intrinsic yellowing, only bleaching gel is helpful.

What to know before you try teeth whitening?

Whitening your teeth when suffering from gum disease, exposed roots, cavities, crooked teeth, gum recession, or any other issue can cause further pain and issues. The dental issues need to be fixed first. Also, you need to be prepared for experiencing tooth sensitivity for few days.

Whitening isn’t a one-time thing and won’t last forever

Teeth are always yellowing as a part of aging process along with the type of food and beverages we consume. Thus, you would need follow-up sessions for whitening in Philadelphia, PA.

Teeth whitening can be safe—when done as recommended

The teeth whitening process is safe when it is done as recommended otherwise it can lead to pain and sensitivity.

Which teeth whitening method is right for you?

There are various whitening options such as toothpaste, over-the-counter kits, at-home dentist kits, and professional whitening. However, the most effective treatment is the professional whitening done by dentist in NE Philadelphia.

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