Occlusal Adjustment

Occlusal Adjustment in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

We make your family a priority here at Mayfair Family Dentistry. We are located on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. One of the services that we offer is occlusal adjustments. Occlusal adjustments become necessary when the jaw is not properly aligned. If you think you might need an occlusal adjustment, contact us at Mayfair Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment today. At Mayfair Family Dentistry, we want you to be comfortable, and it can be hard to do so when you are having dental issues. Here is some more information on jaw misalignment and occlusal adjustment.

What is an Occlusal Adjustment?

Occlusal adjustments are used to correct the alignment of the bite. If you wake in the morning with sore jaws or feel like your jaw is lopsided when you bite, you may need an occlusal adjustment. Loose, crowded, shifting, or missing teeth can all create irregular pressure on one side of the mouth or the other. Occlusal adjustments realign the jaw so that this pressure is evenly distributed throughout the mouth.

How Does it Work?

Occlusal adjustments are a fairly low-pain procedure. Occlusal adjustments require the use of a dental drill armed with a fine filing stone. With the use of new technology, dentists are able to locate the areas that are in need of adjustment accurately. Computer scans study the bite and determine which areas are causing irregularities, even minor irregularities. This ensures that only parts of the mouth that are absolutely necessary are affected during this procedure. Removal mouthpieces may also be used after the procedure to help relax the jaw muscles and protect the surface of your teeth.

If you feel like your jaw is lopsided, contact us today at Mayfair Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment. You and your family are very important to us, and we want to provide you with high-quality dental services that are convenient for you. Having a misaligned jaw can be painful, but occlusal adjustments can be performed with minimal discomfort and low pain levels. If you would like to discuss issues with your jaw, our staff would be happy to assist you.

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