Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride Treatments in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

Your family is very important to us at Mayfair Family Dentistry. Located on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, PA, Mayfair Family Dentistry is ready to provide you and your family with high-quality care. Sometimes this entails preventive treatment. Preventive treatment is used to protect the teeth and oral cavity from becoming damaged. Fluoride treatment is a popular preventive treatment that is often used on children.

Fluoride is Important for Having Healthy Teeth

Fluoride is a mineral that is fortified to improve health. Just like iodine is added to salt, fluoride is added to water to improve overall health. A common misconception is that Fluoride is a type of medication; however, the U.S. court has rejected this argument. Fluoride works to protect against demineralization of the teeth. Demineralization happens when acids attack the tooth enamel. The mouth is full of harmful bacteria that create acids in the mouth whenever sugary foods are consumed. This is why children tend to be at a higher risk of demineralization of the tooth.

Is Fluoride Dangerous?

No, fluoride is not dangerous. It is one of the 108 natural elements and can be found in drinking water. Fluoride in drinking water works to help strengthen the teeth. Although, the fluoride found in drinking water is often not enough to protect children from tooth decay. Especially, when children are not drinking the recommended amount of water a day. Fluoride treatments help fill this gap so that children can have strong, healthy teeth. Evidence shows that in most cities, $38 in dental repair costs is saved for every $1 that is invested in fluoridation efforts. That is how big of an impact fluoride can make.

For more information about fluoride treatments and how they could benefit your child, contact us at Mayfair Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment. You can also help improve your child’s oral and dental health by adjusting their diet to contain fewer foods that are high in sugar content. Brushing and flossing at least twice daily can also help. Fluoride treatments will help prevent tooth decay, but good oral hygiene habits are still necessary to have a healthy mouth.

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