Dentures in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

For a long time, there has been quite the stigma about using dentures as a solution for missing teeth. However, dentures still provide you with a full set of teeth and can look very natural. Dentures are a great option for those who are looking at having many or all of their teeth extracted due to damage or decay. At Mayfair Family Dentistry, located on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, PA, we specialize in dentures.

How Dentures Work

First, before you get your dentures, you will have to have damaged or decayed teeth extracted. Then, from there, you have two different options for your dentures. The first option, conventional dentures, allows for all of the tissues of the gums to heal properly before dentures are placed. Unfortunately, this could mean a few months before you would have any teeth. The plus side to this is that you don’t have to worry about having adjustments done to your dentures as healing takes place. The other option is immediate full dentures. Immediate dentures are placed right after the teeth are extracted, but they require many follow up appointments for adjustments as the mouth heals.

How to Properly Maintain Dentures

Dentures are not real teeth, but they should be treated as if they are. Dentures should be brushed at least twice daily to remove any plaque or food particles. Dentures should be stored in room temperature water with a denture cleaning solution mixed in when they are not being worn. It is important that you never store your dentures in hot water as this could warp their shape. If your dentures are not fitting your mouth appropriately, it is important that you never attempt to adjust your dentures by yourself. This could cause permanent damage to your dentures. Schedule an appointment with your dentist if you believe that your dentures are in need of an adjustment.

Dentures often take some time to get used to. Most likely you will notice a slight difficulty in speaking or chewing when you first get your dentures, but in time your mouth will adjust to these changes and they will no longer be bothersome. If you have any questions about whether dentures are right for you, contact us today at Mayfair Family Dentistry.

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