Emergency Dental

There is nothing more comforting to know that if you or a member of your family experiences an emergency, that there is a team of professionals available to help. At Mayfair Family Dentistry we are dedicated to providing this community with a safe and helpful place to go in the event of a dental emergency. Just like any other emergency, dental emergencies can cause stress and a lot of pain. 

For extreme emergencies, such as the ones listed below, we urge you to call our office immediately for help.

Broken Tooth:

A tooth can break right in half or at the tooth root due to blunt force trauma to the teeth. Although this may be rare, it does happen and we want our patients to have a place to call when it happens. This can cause you a lot of pain and also, if not treated as soon as possible, will draw decay.

child tooth ache - Mayfair
tooth pain - mayfair

Knocked-Out Tooth or Teeth:

Losing one tooth or multiple teeth by accident and insane force is painful and will present itself with a lot of blood. It is important in this situation to not panic and know that Mayfair Family Dentistry is here to help you.

Dental emergencies can present themselves in many different ways, and we believe that if something has the potential to permanently affect your smile, it is an emergency. Above we listed some serious emergencies that require same-day attention. We also want to list a few emergencies that we recommend getting looked at, at your earliest convenience.

Persistent Bleeding & Swelling of Gums:

Occasionally our gums swell and bleed once flossing after not flossing for a long time, this is normal and can be expected. Other persistent swelling and bleeding could indicate an infection of tissues meaning the possibility of gum disease.


It is common to assume that a constant toothache is a sign of a cavity forming in a tooth, although this can be true, it is impossible to know if you have a cavity unless it is diagnosed by a dental professional.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth:

Not being as serious as a break, a chip or a crack in a tooth can be a perfect place for decay to develop and cause a cavity. If you notice either one of these abnormalities in a tooth, please let us know so we can help prevent serious emergencies.