Different Types of Fillings

Different Types of Fillings

Though the number of cavities has decreased, some cavities still happen. The type of fillings has increased than before. Some are direct fillings and few are indirect which is complex in form and material.

To treat a cavity, the dentist in Philadelphia removes the decayed part of the tooth and fills the empty area. Fillings are used to treat cracked or broken tooth and teeth that have been worn down due to some accident or mishap.

Dentist in Philadelphia, PA will numb the area with the use of anaesthesia to perform the decay. Once decay has been removed, the dentist at Mayfair Family Dentistry will fill by cleaning the cavity of bacteria.

To fill the area, there are types of fillings available-

  • Amalgam

These are made up with a mixture of metals which comprise of mercury, tin, copper, silver and zinc. They are very cheap, strong and extremely long lasting. They are silver in colour but become darker with time which makes them easily noticeable.

  • Composite

It is made up of powdered glass and acrylic resin and offers several advantages. It is customized to match the color of your teeth and invisible.

This gives natural looking smile everyone desires for. This type of filling is usually not suggested by a dentist in 19136 as it is less durable and cannot handle hard food chewing.

  • Gold

It is considered as one of the most durable and long lasting options. It remains effective for decades but it is very expensive. They are usually indirect fillings where the dentist requires more time while performing the filling.

  • Glass ionomer

It is done with the use of cement for inlay fillings. They are widely used for fillings in front teeth, around the necks of your teeth or in roots. This type of filling is performed in people with a lot of decay that has extended below the gums.

Professional dentist at Mayfair Family Dentistry helps you in deciding the best filling or restorative options based on your severity, location of the tooth decay and budget.

Visit a dentist near you for getting the tooth decay patched.

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