7 Myths and Facts about Root Canals

7 Myths and Facts about Root Canals

Root canal has been noted as a process that has been used for treating the infected pulp inside the root canal of the teeth. Traditionally, the process is regarded as painful experience. Some people believe that a root canal is one of the most painful dental procedures around. In reality, it is not painful anymore, as latest technology is there to conduct the process with accuracy and the technology also ensures lesser pain for the patients. A lot of such myths are connected with root canal process. Before you undergo root canal at Mayfair Family Dentistry, here are some facts that you must learn.

1. Pain Associated with Root Canal

It used to be a painful thing in past, but today it is not painful anymore. The process is done through local anesthesia so that nerves stay inactive at the region where root canal treatment is needed to be done. However, pain may be experienced after anesthesia effects will go away. If you think that after a root canal, you can expect the pain to go away immediately, you are wrong. Pain will stay for a few days, though it would not be severe.

2. Root Canal Kills Tooth

Many people think that a root canal is actually a procedure that kills your tooth. This is a myth, as through root canal the infected pulp inside tooth is removed so that infection does not spread any further.

3. Tooth Extraction Is Better Than Root Canal

Large number of people believes that an extraction is better than a root canal, and this is a myth too. Extraction tooth is end not the solution when pulp inside crown is infected. The infected pulp is removed with root canal.

4. Numerous Visits to Clinic

If you think that root canals require numerous visits to the dentist, you are wrong. Mayfair Family Dentistry recommends you 2-3 visits.

5. Useless for Dead Teeth

If you think that root canals are not necessary for dead teeth, you are wrong again. It has to be done to stop the infection to spread to other teeth.

6. Root Canal Needed When Teeth Hurt

Many people would suggest that you will only need a root canal when your teeth hurt. However, such claim is false. The early you visit a dentist is the better.

7. Root Canal Causes Cancer

Commonly, it is said that there is evidence root canals can cause cancer. There is no such evidence, as such claim is based on assumption.

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