3 Ways That Same-day Crowns Benefit You

3 Ways That Same-day Crowns Benefit You

Crowns are one of the ways that helps in restoring the look and function of your teeth. With the CEREC technology, the way dentists perform crown procedure has completely revolutionized. Unlike earlier, where it took the lab several weeks to prepare your crowns, the CEREC technology allows the dentists to design and make crowns for the patients in their own office while the patient waits. Now, one can get the crowns made on same day, says dentist in Philadelphia.

The Procedure

With CEREC technology, the procedure of getting crown has not only become faster but it has also become significantly effective and much more comfortable. The reason behind it is the 3D-technology used by CEREC which enables the dentist to scan an image of the tooth directly to the computer that mills the crowns. This helps in eliminating the lengthy process of taking the impressions of the teeth which was the case earlier. In fact, the procedure required you to put some messy substance in your mouth while the impressions were being taken. CEREC has now eliminated the discomfort and made the process really quick, says Dentist in Philadelphia PA.

Superior Fit

According to dentist near 19136, when you design your own crown on the computer and mill it as per the accurate specifications, it improves the fitting of the crown and the final result. The CEREC technology has also eliminated the need for sending the ill-fitted crown back for adjustment. The adjustment used to take some more time from your busy schedule.

Options for Same-Day

If you are suffering from broken tooth and don’t have enough time to devote for the long procedures, the CEREC technology is no less than a blessing for you. The emergency patients can also get their smiles restored as the technology offers immediate results. You need to check with a dentist near you if they have CEREC technology or not as many dentists may not be using the technology yet. So if you wish to go for quick treatment, start exploring your options. You can call the dentist offices and inquire about the same.

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